CGLAN Gigabit LAN Gaming

CG LAN is a non-profit organization that hosts Local Area Network gaming parties in the Portland, Oregon metro area.('computer and console gaming convention').

Our Mission :

To serve the gaming community in the Portland, Oregon & Surrounding area as the weekend LAN party organization by hosting successful, small to medium scale LAN gaming parties.

Combine our resources into an extensive community involving participants, sponsors, and staff to bring gamers together through a professional, safe, and fun environment.

We strive to expand our community, organization, and resources through hard work and dedication.

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What to Bring

  • Computer / Notebook ( desktop, monitor, keyboard mouse)
  • PS3 / PS4 | XBOX 360 / XBOX One (for console events)
  • Headphones
  • 5m Cat5e/6 Network Cable
  • Surge Protector
  • Food Money


According to Wiki There are over 650 LAN centers in the US, while 90% of the LAN Centers in the world are in China, the largest having over 1777 seats.

CGLAN is on the West Coast in Damascus,Oregon. Bring your own computer. Connect with locals, STOP playing online at home and get to know your local gamers, make new friends. If your looking for a LAN party in Oregon. Join the forum and post your interest. We look forward to connecting Oregon local gamers. Start a group, Create a tournament.

Portland Oregon LAN Gaming.

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