Why i dislike WordPress as a developer

Why i dislike WordPress as a developer

Postby axiom » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:15 pm

1. Painfully slow
Unless you’re running it on a ninja server, you’re screwed. It’s so heavy it takes forever to show your vanilla dashboard.

Not to mention how much queries it fires for just displaying a few posts. It has become less clunky lately, but we’re still not there.

2. Powerful malware magnet
As soon you install WordPress you’ll see the first malwares trying to rape your site right away. I’m not kidding!

Yeah, I tried everything possible. Antivirus plugins, changed admin users in the MySQL database, renamed folders, and edited permissions, any kind of possible advice to avoid attacks have been taken. Yet it still breaks itself from some random Russian IP address trying to inject malware / virus’s on my site.

3. Resource hungry monster
WordPress has the ability to suck up so much bandwidth and processing power that your site will certainly be down half of the times because you exceeded the amount of resources you have on your server. If you plan to use WordPress, be certain you have enormous server specs.

4. Not SEO friendly
WordPress it’s no more a safe trick to get ranked well. You’ll have a hard time to achieve good indexing of your site, unless you have a unique name and your content is so awesome that Google makes love with it no matter how slow and clunky your setup is.

But most of the times your site is just another copycat, with the same boring theme seen endless times on other endless similar sites with the same boring content.

5. Plugin nightmare
Okay, I have to admit it’s really easy to setup your own WordPress site. They have done a good job for this. But the other side of the coin is that the same thing is true also when your clients start to install weird plugins and screws up everything.

Yes, you can limit permissions. But your client wants to install filthy plugins on their own and play around so he can claim himself to be a real master until he screws up everything and calls you to fix his mess.

6. The update trap
As soon you log in after a while you’ll get tons and tons of updates that take forever to process. You’ll get a friendly reminder that it might corrupt your database and lose all your hard work with one single click. But you don’t read it. You just want to get rid of those updates, so you can write about your last trip on your awesome blog.

Click! Your blog is gone, the dashboard is blank, and all your posts are lost. You spent endless hours to figure out how to recover your stuff, until you realize the only real way is by restoring your backup. You did backup, Right?
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